FuelBoss™ AT-802

Proven Capabilities

Discover the who, where, how, and why behind our patented multi-use tanker.

FuelBoss™ has utilized the capabilities of the AT-802 aircraft for the past 15 years, transporting bulk fuel to remote communities. Leveraging on our experiences with this aircraft, navigating the harshest conditions in rugged environments, we’re building a specialized aerial fuel tanker to help our clients go further.


Years of Experience

FuelBoss™ tankers have been providing fly-in refuelling services for exceptionally remote locations since 2007. Our aircraft size cuts runway requirements, assisting our customers when they need it most.


Strategic Refuelling

From supporting remote firefighting operations to servicing islands isolated by an earthquake, the FuelBoss™ is capable of refuelling efforts demanding high volumes or critically important deliveries for specialized endeavours.